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Muay Thai Elbow Techniques

Muay Thai elbow techniques are very important techniques since the elbow is one of the bare hands ultimate weapons. Elbow sharpness is equated to that of a razor blade. The elbow is a dangerous weapon that can produce horrifying cuts. That is why the elbow is a valuable tool for the fighting with bare hands. No other weapon can compare with the elbow in terms of brutality and blood-breeding capacity. It seems that the elbow strike is very unique weapon that make Muay Thai different from other martial arts sports. Elbow strike in Muay Thai can give very severe injuries to the opponent as it will be used to attack when opponent is closer distance and the major tarket of elbow strike are generally head facial area including jaw, temple, neck and so on. Using elbow strike is very flexible, you can move or swing elbow in any direction to attack, both vertically and horizontally but different method will give different impact to the attack. Variety of Muay Thai elbow strike are described below

Muay Thai Elbow Techniques Mechanism

First, the Muay Thai boxers should practices Muay Thai elbow techniques with the punch bags as much as possible to increase the sharpness and hardiness of the elbow. The contact part is the pointed tip of the elbow which is the sharpest part.

To increase the sharpness, Muay Thai boxers must swing the elbow in the narrowest angle. The best move that can create the wounds is when the elbow tips just scratches by the opponent. When the blood is drawn, the boxers should attack the same place to widen and deepen the wound.

The Efficient Muay Thai Elbows Techniques

Muay Thai Elbow TechniquesFor the good elbow techniques, the posture is very important. The legs must stand fairly firm. The front leg moves to the target and presses the tip of the foot against floor for a firm hold. The back foot’s tip should press against the floor also. At the moment of elbow striking, twist the heel, waist and hip in synchronize with the strike to increase the power. Do not hit the opponent too directly.

For instance, if you want to widen the wound around the opponent’s eyebrow, you must strike the elbow point just lightly scratch the target. The movement has to be sharp and violent. On the other hand, if you want to use elbow against the opponent’s chin, you must hit the elbow with full force to knock out the opponent.

The narrower of the angle and the faster of the elbow strike, the sharper and the better in precision, reliability, and confidence of the attack.

Eight types of Muay Thai Elbow Techniques

  1. Sok Ti (Elbow Strikes)
  2. Sok Tad (Perpendicular Elbow)
  3. Sok Hud (Levering Elbow)
  4. Sok Chieng (Diagonal Elbow)
  5. Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow)
  6. Sok Tong (Smash Downward Elbow)
  7. Sok Ku (Double Elbows)
  8. Sok Klab (Reverse Elbow)

More Information about Muay Thai Elbow Strikes >>

More information about Muay Thai Elbow Techniques


This article was published on Sunday 17 February, 2008.
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