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Muay Thai Music

Muay Thai Music is the music that play during the Muay Thai fight. Muay Thai is unique in sense that the action has to be accompanied by music so as to heighten the excitement. This musical accompaniment is ofter referred to as Pi Muay which is, in fact, a musical instrument like a clarinet. The clarinet like instrument produces various pitches of sound reflecting the thrill and excitement of the tune played by the musician.

Generally, the musical instruments that play in Muay Thai fight music are the following 4 items:

1. Pi Java (Javanese Clarinet)

Muay Thai Music Pi Java

Pi Java

Pi Java (Javanese Clarinet) originating from India, is generally referred to as Pi Kaek. It has been much changed and developed from the original version by the Javanese. The sound is hauntingly appealing and unfailingly exciting. So the Thais have adopted it to accompany Thai boxing....


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2. Klong Kaak

Muay Thai Music Klong Kaak

Klong Kaak

Klong Kaak is a set of two drums. One drum has a high-pitched sound called a male drum. The other one has a low-pitched sound called a female drum. The drum that accompany to the Muay Thai fight has a long shape called Klong Kaak which longs about 58 centimeters long. The surfaces of drums are unequal diameters. The bigger one has the diameter of 20 centimeters and called “Narai” whereas the smaller one is only 18 centimeters in diameter and called “Nathan”. The drum is covered with special material. There must always be two drums (Klong Kaek) in the band, as the player will place them on his laps and uses his hands to beat the exciting rhythm out of them.

3. Ching

Muay Thai Music Ching


Ching is made of brass or iron. These cymbals are connected together with a piece of string to prevent any loss or misplace which help to accentuate the excitement. Although small in size it is an important member of the Muay Thai musical ensemble taking on the role of leader or conductor. Shaped like a teacup or like a small hollow cone.The two Ching are played by hitting them together. The diameter is of each one is 5.5-6.5 cm.

4. Kong Mong

Muay Thai Music Kong

Kong Mong

Kong Mong is another Muay Thai music instrument. It is a drum that originate from the south of Thailand. It helps to heighten the thrill and increase the andrenalin of the fighters. Like many words in the Thai language the sound of the object has an influence on the name. This is true of the Kong Mong which is named after the sound that eminates from the instrument, namely a "Mong" sound. In olden times drums and the Kong were used to anounce the time of day and night. The Thai have had gongs and drums in their musical ensembles for a long time.

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This article was published on Tuesday 19 February, 2008.
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